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A Morning in Kandalama

A Morning in Kandalama

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Kandalama sits quietly somewhere in the middle of Sri Lanka. Once a popular destination for the colonial British, it has fallen off the proverbial beaten path and has become an intriguing destination in its own right.

Sunrise over Kandalama Reservoir, a man-made dam that is a source of irrigation for nearby towns.
Heritage Kandalama, the work of celebrated architect Geoffrey Bawa, marries nature and modern architecture.
The grounds of the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya.
Climbing Sigiriya Rock - stairwells leading to well-preserved cave art.
A close up of the bricks used to build the sky gardens which are 200 metres above ground.
Visitors scale this breathtaking UNESCO heritage site.
The goal is 200 metres.
A sky garden view like no other.
Sigiriya is encased with brick.
Visitors taking in the altitude.
Secondary attractions
Break time
Students take a visit to the Dambulla caves - the second UNESCO heritage site in the area.
Dambulla Caves - a beautiful marriage of nature and history.
Inside the Dambulla Caves.
Depictions of Buddha inside the 5 caves.
One of the many statues of Buddha that are found throughout the 5 caves.


Paul Ong