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Let Us Help You Get Through December

Let Us Help You Get Through December

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As the end of 2016 looms closer, few of us are either really happy or really sad. Most of us are somewhere in between. And like every typical year, we’re assaulted by the same worries: Parties to attend or avoid, next career steps, wondering what life is all about etc.

At the same time, getting bogged down in such thoughts can be pretty pointless if we’re just wallowing. So, to help you make the most of what you’re feeling, we’ve curated a selection of our more popular stories from this year, some of which you might have missed and some of which might offer much needed comfort for December.

1. How to Make Small Talk

Whether you love or hate parties, small talk is always hard. But with all the celebrating going on, the last thing you want is to be the person everyone avoids because you just wrap them in this indestructible bubble of awkward silence. So if you won’t do this to make others happy, do it for the good karma. Go own that small talk, and come 2017, perhaps you won’t have to deal with anymore questions about why you’re still single.

2. December is the New January

Most of us are terrified of this time of year because we already know what’s next: The delusional crafting of new year resolutions that we never ever honour. The problem with this futile exercise is that we know we don’t really mean it. We do it because everyone else is doing it. Or we do it because we somehow think we can miraculously turn our lives around. But instead of optimism, our approach recommends a healthy dose of desperation. Who knows? It just might work for you.

3. This is Home: A Millennial on What It Means to Belong

For those feeling a little pensive, this is a throwback to our piece for Singapore’s National Day, where we spent a little time trying to understand what exactly it means to be Singaporean. In a country where we buy into many cultures at once, can we still create our own identity? Even if you’re just trying to figure out what it means to be human, this story will hopefully offer some perspective.

4. Why I Never Have Plans on Saturday Nights

At a time of year when there’s so much pressure to be outgoing and sociable and everywhere at once, it’s normal to feel like you just want to curl up in bed and Netflix your life away. This story is us giving you permission to do just that. Just opt out of everything if you must. Do what makes you happy. Everyone else is making plans? Let them. You have better things to do anyway.

5.  On Being Last / Buying Your Way Out of Millennial Job Dissatisfaction

If you’re tired of having spent 2016 living up to someone else’s expectations, these stories will give you the confidence to not give a shit. Our experiences as human beings are diverse, and we all want different things. Even if all we want is a stable job or to not have to be trendy, no one should judge us for it.

And there you have it. Read these while you’re at work, on the bus, or shelve them for a rainy day. Whatever it is, we hope they get you through what tends to be the most chaotic and emotional month of every year.

If there’s anything you’d love for us to tackle this holiday season or in the new year, write to us at We want to hear from you!

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