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All Your Annoying Relatives in One Song

All Your Annoying Relatives in One Song

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Top: Screengrab from Youtube

Many Chinese people don’t see their relatives all that often. It’s why whenever Chinese New Year rolls around, the inappropriate questions and comments can feel like a sudden barrage. After all, your nosy aunts have to satisfy the curiosity that’s been building up since the last time they saw you.

Of course, not everyone goes through this. But for those who do, Shanghai’s Rainbow Chamber Singers choir has thrown together a performance detailing such encounters in all their excruciating detail.

The performance is titled Spring Festival Survival Guide and the first song, What I Do is For Your Own Good. 

“You have really let your parents down!” goes one line.

“Why can’t you just get a stable 9-5 job?” goes another.

And then there’s the one we’ve all heard before: “Any dates lately? Anyone you like at all? It’s about time you lose a few pounds too.”

The entire song is punctuated by gossip, humble-bragging, and sniggering, mirroring such conversations in real life. It’s also built around an actual dinner experience, guaranteeing endless relatable moments.

Watch it to believe it.

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