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Shit We Say on Social Media #1

Shit We Say on Social Media #1

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Top image: Mitsueki

In this weekly round-up, we scour the social media pages of the mainstream media in an attempt to understand what it means to be Singaporean. What do Singaporeans want? How do they think? Why do they feel the way they do?

1. On Halimah Yacob’s announcement that she would like to continue staying in her HDB flat when (if?) she becomes President.

These guys bag the award for “most Singaporean thing to say”:

This one for “most Singaporean thing to worry about”:

This one for “most Singaporean slope to roll down”:

This one for “most PAP inspired fear mongering”:

Lastly, this guy wins “that feeling you get when someone has a point, but you can’t quite put your finger on it”:

 2. On the Charlottesville protests

Sure, someone died when a White terrorist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters. But in Singapore, there’s only one important question: Did they have the right permits?

Seriously, why didn’t they apply for the right permit?

Now you know how it works. You can create trouble as long as you have a permit.

See what happens when you don’t have a permit?

3. On the “elderly man” who forgave the couple who shoved him. 

Singapore’s Speak Good English campaign finally paying off?

We also couldn’t help wondering: What if the uncle had refused to accept their apology? How would Singaporeans have reacted then?

4. And finally, on this morning and last night’s back-to-back train delays.

This guy who naively thinks that the government is actually involved in SMRT’s affairs when SMRT is supposed to be a private company (or that drivers should be compensated for what commuters have to suffer):

This guy who naively thinks that the government might actually listen to his suggestion:

And this guy who just gets it:

And there we have it. We’ll be back with Shit We Say on Social Media #2 next Friday.

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