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Shit We Say on Social Media #2

Shit We Say on Social Media #2

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Top image: Mitsueki

In this weekly round-up, we scour the social media pages of the mainstream media in an attempt to understand what it means to be Singaporean. What do Singaporeans want? How do they think? Why do they feel the way they do?

"Opportunistic pick up line: Girl, you must be an angel cus it looks like you just fell thru the ceiling."
This person who thinks that students built the roof:

"The university has so many bright stunning engineering students, but still such things can happen. So sad."
A wild stab at what happened:

"GPA for this cohort must have gone through the roof"
2. On the court rejecting Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal

A wise suggestion:

"Can take coma pill plus frozen your body in a refrigerator & awaiting next Chinese President election?"
An unsurprised commenter:

"Even Stevie Wonder saw that coming..."
"Bangladesh finished her dream cutoff Mr.Jhon Kerry sir people son penis!"
An eye for an eye:

"Someone shld just cut off her tits to get back even with her family"
Being “scare” of good English:

"Where r those white knights/feminazi ? Come out say something le" "All sleep early...scare...Singaporeans all scare a lot of things these days.."
4. On the “Passion Made Possible” campaign by the Economic Development Board and Singapore Tourism Board

We have never been more confused:

"Sounds like human trafficking."
A burn:

"Somehow I think the government makes better videos than Mediacorp."
5. On the Samsung Galaxy Note8’s release date

We found someone who completely missed the point:

"I had a satisfying lunch today"
But still followed up:

"I'm 34 and single"
Maybe he was channelling an Android user’s most prominent characteristic — irrelevance.  

6. On Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang’s twitter exchange with PM Lee

This casual prediction:

"There will b a sound proposal made which govt will reject. Then years later govt will implement something similar which is totally original"
And this enlightened citizen who understood the true significance of a cashless nation:

"No more such question on 'What is the weight of 6 $1.00 coins?' for PSLE."
That’s it for this week. We’ll be back with more shit we say on social media next Friday.

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