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It’s Only Inappropriate Because She’s Pretty

It’s Only Inappropriate Because She’s Pretty

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Ever since this picture of a lady breastfeeding her baby in Singapore went viral, there’s been robust debate over a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

Why do we persist in sexualising breasts when they are meant for feeding babies? We have been asking.

While this is a valid question, we can’t help but think that it misses the point.

The elephant in the room, the real reason why this has blown up in the first place, is because Miss Cheryl Lee, a.k.a. the lady in question, is conventionally attractive.

It’s not the most politically correct thing to say, but you know this to be true – breasts are only sexual when they are nice looking. And Cheryl, being slim, young and toned, is attractive by conventional standards.

In the same way that we don’t find flabby stomachs attractive, few people will find saggy breasts arousing.

Would we still find it sexual if she was fat?

So the real question is, would Cheryl’s breastfeeding offend anyone if she was unattractive?

Would we still find it sexual if she was fat?

The fact is, women breastfeed in public all the time. This is not some new fad. Caucasian women in Singapore do it frequently – uncovered sometimes, and in all sorts of places, from the airport to the MRT to restaurants. And while it’s less common to see Singaporeans doing the same, it still happens.

And most times, when we witness it, we hardly blink an eyelid, and we certainly do not stop to take pictures. Why make a fuss about it now?

Our bet is that the photographer – being the creepy person that he/she is, probably would not have taken the picture if Cheryl was obese, old or otherwise unattractive.

So before you jump to conclusions and get all outraged, take a moment to think about whether we’re right.

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