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The Way You Eat Prata Says A Lot About You

The Way You Eat Prata Says A Lot About You

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Top image: Singapore Tourism Board

Forget what Myers-Brigg personality type you are, or whether you’re from Ravenclaw or Gryffindor.

Prata, or how you eat it, will tell you everything you need to know about yourself.

While there are a plethora of ways that one can enjoy Prata (some better than others, of course), everyone has a preferred method that they swear by.

1. Authentic AF 

(Image credit: The Food Pornographer)
By far the most authentic way to eat Prata: with your fingers.

It comes as no surprise then, that this same authenticity resonates with all things you do.

Just like how you cast your spoon and fork aside without hesitation, you’ve no problem disposing of fake friends along with their over-eager smiles and LV bags with plastic handles. For you, only the real thing will do.

From curry to work, you’re not someone who’s afraid to get your hands dirty. Others may shy away when the going gets tough, but not you. You dive in head (or hand) first—and people respect you for that.

2. Basic AF

(Image credit: Hungry Island)
Undoubtedly, the simplest and safest way to consume the crispy goodness that is Prata is with cutlery.  

Fork in one hand, spoon in another, you blend in easily with the other diners like you do in a crowd. You’re less likely to get curry on your white cotton shirt and khaki shorts, but you’re also less likely to be remembered at parties.

Don’t worry though, because people like you are also the pinnacle of self control.

Who can resist diving into a cheesy, crispy, golden brown Prata? You can. While everyone’s busy burning their fingers and mouths, you’re still busy inspecting your fork and spoon for any old food stains

3. Swimming Pool

(Image credit: Business Insider Singapore)
It doesn’t matter whether it’s fish, vegetable (dahl) or mutton curry. All that matters is that your Prata is swimming (read: drowning) in it.

Just like how you love eating Prata soaked in curry, you probably also love slow walks in the rain without an umbrella and long soaks in the bathtub.

To you, this is therapy. Where water washes away your problems, curry washes away any guilt you may have from consuming one too many pieces of this fluffy fried dough.

4. Crazy Hot

(Image credit: Makan Kakis)
You believe that Prata is only worth eating if it’s smothered with an absurd amount of curry and sambal chilli. It’s this same fiery zest with which you down your curry and chilli that you use to face life’s challenges.

‘Go big or go home’ are the 5 words you live by. You’re sharp, both in wit and tongue, and your words cut like a hot knife through ghee.

It may turn people off at first, but just like curry and sambal, once the heat has passed, they will realise that they just can’t get enough of you.

5. Just a Touch

(Image credit: SG Food on Foot)
While others prefer to dunk their Prata in curry, you prefer to dip.

It’s not that you fail to see the point of drowning a perfectly good piece of crispy Prata. It’s just who you are.

You’re a cautious individual who appreciates moderation in all aspects of your life, including curry. Fast food joints love you because you don’t ask for too many napkins and packets of ketchup.

But on the rare occasion that you do let loose, you really let loose. Whether it’s Bungee jumping in Macau, swimming with sharks in South Africa, or dropping an entire piece of Prata into a bowl of curry, bring it on.

6. Sugar-head

(Image credit: Choo Yut Shing)
If you think that Prata is only Prata when it’s eaten with a heap of sugar, then good news: you’re an optimist!

You don’t take things too seriously, and would rather focus on the sweeter things in life, unlike your dentist. When asked what you’d want to be when you grow up, you’re the kind of person who replies, “Happy.”

But you also tend to be careless. Just like the sugar you often spill on tables and ignore, you gloss over the less important details in life while chasing your “happily ever after”.

You probably also like ants.

7. OTT (Over The Top)

(Image credit: The Puff List)
Your mantra? Nothing exceeds like excess.

You eat your Prata at least three at a time and with lots of curry and sugar, much like you believe in living life to the fullest. No shortcuts, no halfsies.

You probably order 3 meat and 1 veg for your Cai Fan too.

However, you also have a really short attention span, so you’re always on the lookout for something new and exciting. One minute it’s Prata, the next, Murtabak. Suddenly, it’s Thosai.

Ok back to Prata.

8. Plain AF

(Image credit: Fatboo)
Unfortunately, people who eat their Prata plain do exist.

While I don’t approve at all, I must commend you for your pluckiness.

The temptation of Prata and curry alone is enough to make grown men weep, but not you. You’re also an independent thinker who’s not afraid to stand by your beliefs, no matter how flawed they may be.

However, you run the risk of coming across as unrelatable. Just like when you told the Prata uncle “no curry”, people may have difficulty trying to understand and empathise with you.

And just like how you eat your Prata, you may be rather plain in between the sheets too.

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