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This Week’s Round-Up of Bonkers Chinese Parenting Episodes

This Week’s Round-Up of Bonkers Chinese Parenting Episodes

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Top image: Ibtimes

The images and video clips in this story might be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Most of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s would have been familiar with corporal punishment. Maybe we took something that wasn’t ours or dissolved half a packet of salt into a frenemy’s water bottle. Following that, if we were unlucky, caning or a rap on the knuckles was administered. Some of us haven’t been made to kneel for stretches at a time.

These Chinese parents, however, take corporal punishment to a whole new level. Either that or they’re just crazy and deserve their own Jackass spin-offs.

As the 7 year-old is dangled up and down, he can be heard sobbing and begging his father to stop.

The first such incident to be reported this week involved a father in Sichuan dangling his son above a river while asking him math questions. In a viral video, the boy is tied by the waist to a rope that is hitched to a tree. As the father shoves the boy over the guardrail, his test begins.

According to The Paper, the boy had been skipping out on his homework. While onlookers can be heard giggling in the video, netizens were less kind, accusing the father of abuse and traumatising the boy for life.

Following this incident, a mother from the Guangdong province was hauled in by the police after a 6 second clip of her kicking her sobbing baby daughter made its rounds on social media.

In the clip, the mother is seen kicking the child in the back before propping her back upright and saying, “Still crying?” When questioned by the police, she said that she was under a lot of stress and hadn’t been able to control her emotions. She also regretted her actions, and was eventually let off with a verbal warning after medical workers determined that the child had received no serious injuries.

The video was first shot on 24th February. Following its circulation online, the police tracked down the mother in the video.

As though this wasn’t already the craziest story of the week, it was then reported that a boy in the Yongquan District in Chongqing was found “crucified” to a wooden cross. In a fairly disturbing picture, the boy is kneeling on a plastic crate with his arms and back strapped to a makeshift cross.

Would you do this to a child? Even as a joke?

When a reporter from the Chongqing Evening News investigated the matter, he was told by the child’s parents that it was just a joke. The boy’s father claimed that his wife had tied the boy up for only a few minutes, and that a passerby had snapped a picture which was then blown out of proportion.

Even then, a neighbour claimed that the mother had done this because the boy had not been doing his homework. The father then threatened to sue said neighbour for invading his family’s privacy.

All this follows on the heels of a tragedy earlier in the week where a parent accidentally let go of twins over a glass barrier at a mall in Tianjin, causing them to fall four stories to their deaths.

While this wasn't a deliberate instance of abuse, one still can't help but wonder, what is it with Chinese parents?

While it’s not news that Chinese parents have often employed unorthodox methods when it comes to discipline, none of this stuff ever gets easier to swallow. As a separate point worth noting, China also has a big problem with violent bullying. One can’t help but wonder if such behaviour has anything to do with how some of these children are raised.

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