New Hipster Fashion Makes Splash at Laneway

Anyone who remembers the soupy mudslide and the torrential rain that marked Laneway’s debut in Singapore back in 2011 will also know by now that it hasn’t stopped raining since. The identifying hipster garment is no longer cropped tops, sun dresses, or tie-dyed shirts.

Instead, it’s the ubiquitous poncho. The one sartorial equaliser that has made everyone pretty much look and feel the same at St. Jerome’s annual festival.


Laneway PSA: Umbrellas are dangerous and in no way shield you from the rain.
Ponchos out for NAO.
Laneway promotes racial equality for all and glitter eyebrows.
Humans of Laneway: "We're really just here for the aircon."
Traditional Chinese rain dance. Practise with caution.

At this point, festival goers have all embraced or resigned themselves to the elements. Laneway during the annual monsoon? Not so smart. But it’s not about looking cool and being seen anymore. It’s about who can give the least fucks and have the most fun.


"I moved to Singapore for the tropical sunny weather."
Do not doubt the power of the humble disco nap. And the importance of being all-weather-ready.
The Happiest Man at Laneway.
Sooner or later, we all have to head inside. Just in time to watch as a Glass Animal emerges from the (marijuana) smoke.
High on life. And definitely acid ...
And this guy wins Best ‘Stache of the Night.

Perhaps next year, people will start showing up with inflatable boats and swimming pools. If you’re gonna get wet anyway, why not really get wet? Super soakers, anyone?


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