Places in Singapore My Ex Ruined For Me
Top image: Stephanie Lee / RICE file photo

He ruined National Stadium for me. It’s where we got to know each other better, where he asked me to be his girlfriend AND where we almost broke up. It’s where he told me he was “so lucky to have me”. Then he tried his luck by cheating hor.

I haven’t visited the place since then, and I don’t really care to. The food sucks, and there’s always some noisy ActiveSG event happening. 

– Sarah

Every single mall in Tampines. That’s where we would aimlessly roam around as broke secondary school students and talk for hours—starting off as awkward and infatuated kids to genuinely knowing each other well. 

The place is already so anxiety-inducing because of the crowd, but now it’s worse because I live in constant fear I’ll see her or another ex (I have two Tampines-residing exes). Tampines sucked before, and it sucks even more now.

Word of advice: Don’t date someone who lives in the same area as your previous ex. You’re setting yourself up for failure by statistically increasing your chances of an awkward encounter. 

– Shaun

My ex ruined Two Man Bagel House at Novena Square for me because we would eat there every time either of us had a medical appointment. 

It was not a good decision because it is so expensive—$25 after coffee and GST?? I think the worst part of that relationship was how financially draining it was.

My advice is that you don’t have to eat at fancy places for it to be a date. Just eat at the kopitiam because, who knows, you might break up and regret the hundreds of dollars you spent at fucking Two Man Bagel House.

– Jia Xuan

Image: Zachary Tang / RICE file photo

Pasir Ris Park was ruined for me initially. We would cut through the park when I would walk her home (which was often).

The park would have sounds of people fishing and otters scurrying around with the moonlight shimmering on the water. I look back on the spot with nostalgia.

After embracing the place for what it is and bringing along friends to create new memories there, I think I’ve definitely reclaimed it!

– Jacob

My ex ruined the Golden Mile Complex carpark rooftop for me. The place would make me feel safe, especially during sunset time, which was exactly when I decided to take him one day.

Now every time I watch the sunset there, I don’t feel as safe. I feel vulnerable and stupid.

I’d like to believe that with time I can make new memories with new people and eventually fall in love with the place again and regain the sense of security I once felt. But I know that the memories with him there will be ingrained in my head forever and, at least at the very back of my mind, that rooftop will always be ruined for me.

– Phoebe

One of the handicap toilets in NTU. My ex and her guy best friend did something in there. One day I hope to recover.

– Robert

My ex ruined Bishan Park for me. That was where we hung out a lot (we were poor students).

We’d decided to meet one last time for closure. In hindsight, it was stupid, and I don’t recommend it. On our breakup date, we went to watch Les Miserables (he chose it), and I was a mess. The movie’s already sad, but I was also upset about the breakup. I basically sobbed throughout the movie. (So he actually also ruined Les Miserables for me AND all the songs in the musical).

At the end of the breakup date, we said goodbye to each other at the park. It started raining after that, and I was in my feels, so I sat at a pavilion and cried for what felt like hours.

Going to the park after the breakup was hard and made me feel like shit, but years have passed, and I think I’ve since ‘reclaimed’ the park. I don’t feel anything when I pass by the spots we used to frequent. I’ve also hung out there with new boyfriends and made better memories there.

– Samantha 

Image: Helen Huang / RICE file photo

The National Museum was a place I used to seek solace in, but after my ex-boyfriend cheated on me by bringing the girl he told me not to worry about, I look at this museum with a heavy heart. 

Since breaking up, I just avoid going into the ‘Surviving Syonan’ exhibition because (1) that’s the exhibition the girl he cheated on me with posted on Instagram, and (2) he’s Japanese. 

It’s all good now, considering I work at this exact museum. Anyway, I don’t eat takoyaki anymore because he threw one at my face, but it’s all good… maybe I’ll love takoyaki again one day too.

– Afiqah

KOI bubble tea outlets. All of them.

My ex was obsessed with bubble tea, specifically KOI. We didn’t go out much, but every time we did, bubble tea was a must. We quickly fell into the category of nothing-much-to-do-so-let’s-get-bubble-tea couples. 

I wouldn’t say he ruined the place for me, but after we broke up, I didn’t touch any bubble tea for almost a year. Every time I passed a KOI outlet, I’d remember us chilling and waiting for our drinks while people-watching (and judging, of course). 

I don’t think I intentionally reclaimed the place, but time certainly helped. Now, I mainly associate KOI with the cinema because it’s a must-have at any movie. Oolong tea, konjac jelly, less ice, no sugar (yes, I’m one of those). Movies are long, heartbreaks are longer, and I need konjac jelly to chew on.

– Cody

*All names have been changed to protect identities.

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