This Reddit Thread is the Aunt Agony We Need
“Why are you unhappy?” asks the title of the thread. This is then followed by a description which reads, “Want to talk about it? Just comment below.”

Over the past 24 hours, reddit users from Singapore have been sharing their personal misfortunes on this thread. For now, the top story is from a user called ‘playedpunk’ who starts by saying, “my dad is like a fking disappointment.”

We then find out that playedpunk’s mother and brother have passed away, which is the reason Dad now has a gambling addiction. To make ends meet, he/she is now working 7 days a week to afford university, and really misses the taste of home-cooked food.

“I just come home late every day and leave early in the morning so I don’t have to talk to him much,” playedpunk responds at one point to another user’s internet hug.

Depressing stuff.

For anyone who needs a listening ear.
If you’ve got the time and the emotional capacity to trawl through this thread, things can get depressing real fast.

Accompanying the more substantial misfortunes are also more relatable problems like feeling lost and empty, and drifting apart from one’s friends.

Throughout the thread, users chime in offering both advice and perspective. There’s even the occasional witticism thrown in to lighten the mood.


The cool thing is many of these posts reflect individuals who seem self-aware enough to recognise and even deal with their own problems. Most don’t actually need therapy while others have problems of a magnitude few of us would actually be able to help with.

Which means that this thread has really just become a space for anyone who needs to talk.

‘Captmomo,’ the user who started this thread, also makes it a point to try and respond to all these stories and confessions. The disclaimer at the top even contains an apology towards anyone whose post has been overlooked.

In a world where mental illness or heartbreaking tragedies often occupy the spotlight, it can be easy to forget how human it is to sometimes crave a listening ear. Everyone deserves some love, even those who’ve just had a bad day.

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