Which Desmond Kuek Facial Expression Are You?
1. Yes! Everything is Fine! Why Do You Ask!
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On the inside, you may be letting out an endless scream. Externally, you are always smiling. You are too nice to complain when something doesn’t go your way, or when people don’t treat you kindly.

As a result, people walk all over you. You may have partnered a prestigious university to deploy Group Rapid Transit autonomous vehicles on their campus, but it’s still your fault that your 60-year-old neighbour who left her house late missed her train this morning.

Nonetheless, you believe that one day someone will finally appreciate your cheerful facade.

For now, you get an “A” grade for holding your shit together.  

2. Come On, Guys, We Can Do This!!1!
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Known as the most enthusiastic member in your clique, you’re painfully optimistic, even in the most dire situations.

Your friend’s girlfriend is cheating on him? Doesn’t matter! There are more fish in the sea!

Your work proposal is due in an hour and your boss just ripped your ideas apart? Never mind! Think of new ones!

Your train broke down on the way to an important examination? Fret not! More time to study!

You are constantly thinking of ways to empower others through positive actions, such as by giving commuters up-to-date information to improve their journey experience or texting your friends bible verses every morning. It doesn’t matter that people usually don’t notice; what matters is that you have put in 110%.

3. Take It or Leave It, I’m Doing It
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You are undeniably the chief decision maker in your group. As the leader, you call the shots when it comes to the important issues, such as picking a place for a night out or deciding how to address commuter dissatisfaction in the best way.

To you, it doesn’t matter that there are more pressing concerns, you will do whatever you want, whenever you want, even if no one understands you. You will pick a drinking hole in Punggol or release 30th anniversary farecards if you damn well please.

In the end, you trust your gut when making decisions and hope people will realise that you do in fact know what’s best for everyone.

4. Sure, You Are Always Right, I Am Always Wrong
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You are resigned to people thinking you’re useless. If you are so useful, you would be able to control every situation. Yet how come you never know what your girlfriend is thinking? Why aren’t you able to understand your boss’s vague instructions?

As such, you have resigned yourself to being wrong, no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter that SMRT has stepped up effort to make MRT and bus rides more accessible for all when Tan Ah Kao from the Straits Times comments section only wants to know why the SBS bus he rode in the morning did not cater to the wheelchair-bound.

Just like it doesn’t matter that you are not a mind reader, your girlfriend is still pissed.

5. Are You Kidding Me Now?
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As a hardcore planner, you have your life sorted into Plans A, B, C, all the way to Q. Alas, life doesn’t always go as you have planned when it requires a Plan R.

So you empathise with Desmond Kuek, who appears to constantly have his plans derailed.

For all we know, he might have planned to call a press conference to show support for the recent tie-up between Mobike and SMRT seed-funded startup, mobilityX, that aims to enable better transport connectivity, but ended up fielding questions from the media about a breakdown that happened five years ago instead.

Like him, to be happier in life, you might just need better plans.

6. Help Me
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You appear to be trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of misery. Almost every week, you experience another meltdown or quarter-life crisis. Perhaps Mercury is in retrograde, your PMS is permanent, or your job is just not worth sacrificing your happiness.

Whatever the case, you can only save yourself.

Unfortunately, this post is not sponsored by SMRT.

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