The Online Citizen Rebrands As Satire Website After Advice From Media Literacy Council
Top image: Rice

Following a defamation lawsuit from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Terry Xu announced yesterday that he will be rebranding The Online Citizen as a satirical website.

The decision came as a shock to media industry veterans, but Terry Xu was adamant that this change was not a knee-jerk response to TOC’s recent troubles.


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“I made this decision after many rounds of meeting with experts from the Media Literacy Council,” he said, “They assured me that I will not face further persecution if I pivoted to satire.”

“I acknowledge that my previous articles gave the wrong impression, which was not the intent,” he added, apologising.


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When RICE checked TOC’s website this morning at 9 AM, it appears that changes were already taking effect. Articles critical of Singapore’s very capable government have been deleted. They have mostly been replaced with lampoons and parodies of recent viral news.

One article claimed that brownface is not offensive because, as a Chinese person, the writer claims he ‘doesn’t really find it offensive’. 

Another article was titled, “No discrimination against LGBTQ community here at work, in housing, and education here: Ong Ye Kung.”

In addition to satire, TOC is also diversifying its offerings to include listicles and ‘lifestyle-related’ content. According to Mr Terry Xu, his editorial team is currently working on ‘Best 1-for-1 Food Deals Near The Supreme Court, So Don’t Say Bo Jio’.

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