Amos Yee Got Laid. That Doesn’t Mean You Will Too
Image credit: Amos Yee’s Facebook Page

Singaporeans can be so salty.

When Amos Yee first posted on Facebook on 19th December that he had lost his virginity, it invited a barrage of comments. One person responded, “With a dog?” while another fumbled with a confusing metaphor in an attempted jibe at his views on paedophilia, saying, “Finally you are now a fucker. Time to upgrade yourself from a daughterfucker to a motherfucker.”


Anyway, when Amos then decided to bare his soul in a much longer post yesterday afternoon, in came comments of a different sort.

Basically, many expressed the sentiment that if Amos Yee can get laid and/or find a girlfriend, then anything is possible. Pigs can fly. Typhoons are actually filled with fairy dust. The Thomson Line will now be ready next week instead of in 2019.

If Amos Yee can get a girlfriend, does that truly mean that there is hope for everyone else too?

Well, not really.

When it comes to guys like Amos, haters tend fixate on just one thing: his appearance. They see his messy mop of hair, hear his faux American accent, and think to themselves, “This guy is such a loser. Who would want to touch his private parts?”

But just in case these people have forgotten, Amos Yee has survived being arrested, had the balls (or the desperation) to leave the country for the US, and made it through 293 days of detention before he was granted asylum.

In comparison, when was the last time you did something badass?

Whether or not you agree with what Amos has said in the past or how he has chosen to live his life, there’s no arguing with the fact that he has led an interesting life, and done things most Singaporeans would never think of doing. He’s dared to stand up for his opinions, and dared to not give a shit.

As Mothership wrote in a post last September, “For someone to have been imprisoned here and then put under detention in a foreign country just to get his way, embodies a risk-taking appetite most people in polite society can hardly stomach.”

So for those who think that if Amos can do it then so can you, think again.

Take a long hard look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Am I really better than this obnoxious kid? What is my value proposition as a romantic partner? Why would anyone be fascinated with me? Am I willing to break the law just to get laid?”

Christmas is just round the corner. If there’s a time to dig deep and ponder the reality that Amos Yee is in fact more interesting than you, that time is now.

In the meantime, no one knows if Amos Yee really did lose his virginity and find himself a girlfriend. He is, in all likelihood, probably just trolling everyone.

What we do know is that he has put the image of him naked, having sex, and having multiple orgasms in all of our heads. And all we can say to that is, what a time to be alive.

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