Singapore Should Elect a Fortune Cat for President
No one gives a shit about the Presidential Elections anymore.

To us, the President of Singapore could be a Malay, an Indian, or a Chinese-Eurasian-African, and it would make no difference.

But the more important question is: why are we looking at just race? Why not look beyond species as well?  

The Fortune Cat would make a great President.

It isn’t aligned with any language, race or religion.
It remains focused on the fundamental concerns of Singaporeans: good luck and GDP growth.
We all know that the Presidency is largely a ceremonial role.
So why not just go with a figure who perfectly embodies a glorified figurehead?
After all, who doesn’t love cats?
Let’s just stop pretending that this ‘election’ is anything more than state-sanctioned tokenism.

All we ask is that we be able to look at our President and remember that great fortunes await us. If a cute little kitty can help us with this vision, so be it.

In any case, it won’t be the first time we’re having a President just for show.

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