These Typical Reactions to Online Vigilantism Show Who’s the Real CB
With a few of Marvels Avengers in town this week, Singapores online vigilantes sprung into action in no time when the next internet saga broke.

This time, a BMW driver had allegedly demanded a petrol station attendant pay for his petrol, which cost $135. He claimed that he had only asked for $10 of fuel but the attendant, an elderly man, filled up a full tank.

Hoping to earn a spot on the superhero team, our keyboard warriors donned their capes and took to cyberspace to mete out justice to this bully / scammer attempting to evade his petrol bill. It took less than a day for his name, address and Linkedin profile to circulate around the interwebs. Theres even a Facebook page set up to publicly shame the driver.

As with previous controversies online, Singaporeans had very emotionally charged responses that can be defined by a few categories. Heres a list of the typical reactions to online vigilantism:

1.       Everyone is a CB
As long as somebody has been found guilty by the internet court of justice, there are only two letters that best describe him / her.

2.       “Must be foreigner.”
Singaporeans are kind-hearted and gracious people. Only those PRCs/Indians/Bangladeshis/Pinoys would be capable of such ugly behaviour.

3.       Singapore’s Sherlock Holmes
Analyse the facts presented using sound logic, math and other detective skills. Then arrive at the verdict: Asshole confirmed.

4.       Threaten lawsuit
Invasion of privacy! You took a photo of the guilty party without his permission, and posted it on the web for everyone to see and shame. How can dis b allow?

5.       Call MP for help
Just drag the MP into any kind of dispute. Because as long as he writes a letter, the problem can be solved.

6.       The appeal to common sense
Hold your horses! Lets be a bit more objective here, you say. But too bad, the vigilante train is leaving the station with or without you.

7.       Spread fake news to further justify sentiment
Its okay to stir more shit add fuel to the fire with falsehoods. Just apologise afterwards for spreading fake rumours.

8.       Not my backyard
Since this did not happen in Yishun, there must be a logical explanation for why it happened elsewhere.

So who is the real CB here? Let us know by dropping an email to

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