The People of Tai Kok Tsui: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
Lying alongside the bright lights of Mong Kok, the old neighbourhood of Tai Kok Tsui is beginning to show signs of change.

With an upscale bar here, and a new residential skyscraper there, it’s hard to hope that Tai Kok Tsui will remain as it is.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous trade in Tai Kok Tsui is metal work. The open shops spill character, grease, and screws onto its streets. It feels as if the other shops are there for them, and that for now at least, this is still their neighbourhood.

“We repair engines here and work with spare parts. My father taught me to do this when I was around 20 years old. My daughter works here. My son in law does as well, and I treat him like a son. We are a family here and I think we’re all happy to work together. I like the challenge my work gives me. I have to keep learning." - Mr. Chu.
An elderly metalworker In Tai Kok Tsui peers through his aluminum cutout door as he takes measurements.
An elderly barber snoozes in his chair.
Mr. Wan, an older metal worker reads the paper as his son takes a break at his metal shop in Tai Kok Tsui.
“I have been a Chinese Doctor for almost 40 years. I do consultations and make medicines. My grandfather and my father were Chinese doctors so I didn’t really do it because it was my passion but more so because it is a profession I respect. Usually the people I treat are people I know so it feels good to be of service to my community. Nothing too crazy happens here. I treat my patients and go about my day.” Mr. Wong insisted he comb his hair before the picture was taken." - Mr. Wong.
A woman selling Cheongsams keeps up on her bookkeeping during the lunch hour at her shop in Tai Kok Tsui.
“I’ve been doing this for 60-some odd years, I started when I was 13. It was a job I found as a kid and then I kept doing it. I wouldn’t say I am passionate about it but working at the market has been a good profession. I should be retired, but it’s just what I’ve always done so I’m still here. I do not think my children are not interested in doing what I do, they have other professions and they seem to like where they are.” - Mr. Hang.
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