Ben Davis Stars In Jack Neo’s New Movie ‘Ah Boys To Men 5: English Premier League’
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To compensate for destroying his English Premier League career, Mindef has offered Ben Davis a leading role in Jack Neo’s upcoming movie ‘Ah Boys To Men 5: English Premier League’

Speaking to the press yesterday, Jack Neo called Ben Davis a ‘unique talent’ and hopes that he will accept the role because “acting in a Jack Neo movie is like playing for the Manchester United of cinema”.

“In Singapore,” he hastened to add.

According to leaked details from J Team productions, the plot of Ah Boys To Men 5 will be completely different from the four previous movies.

The film will star Ben Davis in the newly created role of Ah Ben, a footballing genius who resents National Service because it caused him to miss his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play in the EPL.

Angry and unhappy, Ah Ben chooses to chao keng, which makes him very unpopular in the platoon. Despite harassment from his platoon mate Lobang and punishment by his superior Lt. Shiva (Shrey Bhargava), Ah Ben refuses to change his attitude until one fine day, when his indifference results in a nearly fatal accident for his BMT buddy Sotong (Benjamin Kheng).

Shocked by the consequences of his behavior, Ah Ben turns over a new leaf and becomes a model recruit. Although initially wary, platoon 4 accepts him after realising that his change of heart is genuine. They go through field camp together and Ben learns that NS is a tough but worthwhile sacrifice.

After much shared hardship, he finally realises the truth: Serving NS is just as meaningful as being the first Singaporean in the EPL.

This ‘uplifting’ movie will have a record budget of S$10 million dollars. Director Jack Neo promises more ‘laughs’, more ‘action’ and more ‘special effects’ than ever before.

“With CGI, I want to show Singaporeans something they have never see before, a true-blue Singaporean playing football in the EPL,” he said.

Filming begins October on Pulau Tekong. Wang Weiliang is expected reprise his role as Lobang whilst Mark Lee will play a supporting role as Jose Mourinho.

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