Things That Are Considered Luxury Because I Didn’t Grow Up Privileged
Top Image: @zohtaco / TikTok

One man’s bougie is another man’s mid. And so it was for @zohtaco, who was shamed on TikTok for daring to call her new $79.90 Charles & Keith tote bag a luxury item. 

“Who’s gonna tell her? 😂” says one commenter whose idea of French fries is probably sliced bonnotte potatoes from the island of Noirmoutier dipped in truffled gold. 17-year-old Zoe, wise beyond her years, righteously shot back that she grew up poor—to the point that even family trips to BreadTalk were considered a bit rich for their blood. 

“Your comment spoke volumes on how ignorant you seem because of your wealth,” Zoe says in a follow-up TikTok. She might as well be saying: “Check your privilege, g”. 

Bougie-ness isn’t binary, nor should it even be a cause of contention in the face of inflation. Here, some other luxury things if you didn’t grow up privileged too.

– McDonald’s Big Breakfast®, because mum says it’s just a deconstructed McMuffin.

– That transforming pencil case with an in-built sharpener.


– Your own room, because you have to share it with siblings.

– Taxi rides.

– Ikea meatballs. Or trips to Ikea.

– Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

– Dental treatment.

– Avocados. And by extension, cafe-hopping.

– Starbucks coffee.

– iPods (we made do with Creative Zen MP3 players). Actually, just anything made by Apple.

– Converse, or Northstar school sneakers, for that matter. No hate for Bata, though.

– Actual Tupperware brand plastic containers.

– Samsung/Sony/LG televisions. Hisense? PRISM+? Can lah.

– Cable channels.

– Seoul Garden.

– Ferrero Rocher.

– Fiji/Evian water.

– Meals at the Marina Bay Sands food court. (Okay, everyone can agree they’re overpriced)

– Insurance.

– Time.

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