These Kimzua-Inspired Ads Will Make You Want to Die
Artwork by Marisse Caine and Gen Yip.

Now that Seventh Month is ending, these advertisements for Hell bring a certain kind of comfort: knowing that whatever we’ve fought so hard to achieve in our material lives can be taken with us into the afterlife.

Condo? Check. Cancer-free vices? Check.

Unlimited data? Hell yeah.

Perhaps there are certain luxuries we can only afford in death.

Hell is five-star hotels, resorts, and all its unreasonable guests.

On this endless smoke break, cancer is optional.

To serve, to strive and not to yield, a maid is yours for … life?

Even alive, waiting for a BTO is its own kind of hell. But at least a home is guaranteed in death.

Hell hath no fury like a hungry ghost without stable data connection.

So perhaps the trite saying is wrong—we can take possessions to our grave.

Sure, these paper effigies appear to perpetuate materialism. Yet, the way we think of the afterlife shapes the way we live while we’re still alive. If something is significant enough in death, surely it must be even more fervently pursued in life.

Suddenly, “till death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning.

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