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An Addict’s Diary: John

An Addict’s Diary: John

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How do you tell if someone has an addiction?

Drinking, smoking, and gambling are so normalised and part of our culture that it is often hard to discern between recreation, problematic abuse, and addiction. This only makes it easier for these addictions to creep into our lives. In this 3-part series, we take a closer look at normalised addictions, and how dangerously thin the line is between socially-accepted behaviours such as having several drinks at friend’s wedding, and full-blown alcoholism.

In this first of three videos, we chart the downward trajectory of John, an alcoholic. From being dared to drink for the first time as a child to becoming the go-to drinking buddy, and then solo drinker, John ultimately ends up destroying his life before embarking on a journey of recovery.

This video was created in collaboration with Not Safe For TV.